The General McLane School District Board of Education announces that they are seeking applications from Region 3 (Edinboro Borough, Election Districts 1 & 2) and At Large (all five municipalities) to fill an anticipated vacant seat of the Board. Appointees can run for election in 2017 to extend their term.

Residents of the district, 18 years of age or older, that have been a resident of the General McLane School District for at least one year are eligible for consideration. The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday, May 27 at 10:00 a.m. The application to apply is below.

Board Vacancy ApplicationĀ 

crow_n dobrzynski_n sharigould_n
Carrie Crow,
At Large
Peter Dobrzynski,
Vice President
Representing Region 1
Shari L. Gould,
Representing Region 2
bucksbee_n rilling_n wise_n
James H. Bucksbee
Representing Region 1
Annette M. Rilling
At Large
Timothy D. Wise
Representing Region 3
drsabolfr_n amyeisertsmr_n schulz_n
Kahan Sablo
Representing Region 3
Amy Eisert
At Large
Andrew Schulz
Representing Region 2

Regional Designation

Region 1 McKean Borough and McKean Township
Region 2 Washington Township and Franklin Township
Region 3 Edinboro Borough Election Districts 1 and 2
At Large Encompasses all five areas

The Board of School Directors of the General McLane School District consists of nine members, each elected for a four-year term of office. Board members serve without compensation and have the primary task of formulating and evaluating all policies necessary for the operation of the school district. The Board of School Directors meets monthly on the third Wednesday at the Dr. Therese T. Walter Education Center, Board Room. Each regular business meeting is advertised in the legal section of the local newspapers and meeting dates are posted on the doors of the Education Center.

Residents of the General McLane School District may bring matters of concern to the attention of the Board in two ways:

  1. through correspondence sent to the Secretary of the Board; or
  2. by addressing the Board concerning agenda items at a public meeting. Scheduled speakers can have 5 minutes, unscheduled speakers 3 minutes. Complaints and concerns should first be addressed with informal, direct discussions among the affected parties following the established guidelines and district organizational structure. (See Policy #906)

Board workshops which address special issues are also scheduled during the year. These sessions are generally held on the second Wednesday of the month and are also advertised.