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Questionable Website
Parents…This website is questionable Investigate closely if your child is using this website. While there is a section for children (age 13-18) with parent permission, there is also an adult portion to this site. The adult portion of the site appears harmless (and may be if used appropriately), but some of the activities are very inappropriate. This website is blocked in the General McLane School District.

Water Bottles
Ordinary water bottles are being used to hide drugs…

Texting and Driving
Most teenagers are addicted to the instant communication afforded by cell phones. Texting and driving, though, is dangerous and is a growing problem. Parents are encouraged to sit with their teenage drivers and watch the following 10 minute video.
The Last Text

Bath Salts
“Legal” form of cocaine being sold under the label Snow Leopard and being called Bath Salts…
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Plastic Balloons
Plastic Balloons is highly flammable and should be considered a dangerous inhalant…
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