20-21 GM Cyber Program



GM Cyber 2020-21 Program

We’ve had many parents, families, guardians and caregivers inquire about what our GM Cyber program will look like for the 2020-2021 school year. This is General McLane School District’s in-house 100% remote, online learning platform that our administrators and teachers are currently creating.


If you’ve signed up for GM Cyber for the year, here’s what you expect in the coming week(s) before school begins.


  • If you have not received your student’s iPad, we will have a GM Cyber iPad pick up for students in grades K-3 and any new students at James W. Parker Middle School, 11781 Edinboro Road, on Friday, Aug. 21, from 3-6 p.m. If you have questions about your technology, please contact your student’s building administrator to arrange appropriate details.


  • Each building is in the process of creating videos that will aid parents and families in setting up their students for GM Cyber. These videos will be available by Friday, Aug. 21. Please contact your student’s building if you have further questions, as GM Cyber will vary slightly building-by-building.



  • All students will be taught by General McLane teachers using a similar learning routine and a consistent set of online tools
  • Students will learn from home in an online environment available throughout the entire 2020-21 school year
  • The district will work with families to ensure that they have the tools needed for online learning
  • Students will receive daily information from the teacher along with a corresponding assignment/program/assessment.
  • Students will have a live videoconference with the teacher or other school staff member and a larger group of students each week
  • Students will have an additional live videoconference individually with the teacher or staff member or in a small group each week.
  • Attendance will be correlated with the student’s assignment completion rate.



  • Student gets General McLane curriculum and access to GM teachers, staff
  • Establishes daily routine that could easily transition back into building
  • Uses standard education platforms (Schoology, grades 5-12 and Seesaw, grades K-4)
  • Gives students and families flexibility during the day
  • Gives students live interaction with GM staff via videoconferences



Q: Will this be live/synchronous instruction? 
A: No. Students will be given flexibility to complete their lessons at their convenience and may complete the corresponding assignments when they choose.

Q: Will GM Cyber students still have access to GM extracurriculars, sports, clubs, etc.? 
A: Yes. The GM Cyber student will be a GM student and has access to the buildings/facilities, extracurriculars, clubs, sports, and anything else he/she chooses to participate in.

Q: How much work a day will be required with GM Cyber? 
A: That largely depends on the student’s grade-level and instructors. In accordance with school code, students in grades K-6 should have the equivalent of 5 hours a day of work, and students in grades 7-12 will have the equivalent of 5.5 hours of work per day.

Q: Will GM Cyber students need to have separate supply lists? Or purchase everything on the supply lists for in-person students? 
A: They will have the same supply lists for each grade level. It is recommended they purchase this list in its entirety, as their assignments, while virtual, may call to use supplies on this list at home.

Q: What about technology?
A: All General McLane students will receive district-issued iPads. Accommodations will be made for those students in the spring who did not have reliable internet connections.

Q: I’m worried about my student falling behind in GM Cyber. Will one-on-one tutoring or help be available? 
A: On an “as-needed” basis, yes. There will be live one-on-one videoconferences will teachers or other school staff weekly for each student. If the student still needs additional help, the teacher or staff member and student will work together to come up with a plan on a case-by-case basis. There may also be additional GM teachers to do specific online tutoring.

Q: How do I sign up? 
A: We have closed the application on the website. Reach out to your student’s building administrator to enroll in GM Cyber.

Q: I’ve enrolled in GM Cyber. Now what? 
A: Your student’s building administrator will reach out to you shortly to share details on what the upcoming year will look like. Each building will vary slightly on how the program runs, so we are ensuring parents get accurate and important information directly from each building.

Q: What happens if my child wants to return to live learning?
A: We will accommodate those requests, but the time that it will take to make that transition will depend on the building and what point we’re going to be at in the school year.

Q: What learning platforms will be used for online learners? 
A: For grades K-3 at both elementary buildings, Seesaw will be used. In grade 4 at Edinboro Elementary, Schoology will be used. In grade 4 at McKean Elementary, Seesaw will be used. In grades 5-12, Schoology will be used.

Q: How will this be different than what we were doing in the spring? 
A: We’re anticipating improvement in the learning platforms, greater and smoother communication between home and school, more curriculum available daily and daily instruction.

Q: Will paper packets be available like they were in the spring for remote learners? 
A: No. Each student will have everything they need to complete their education online, including an iPad. No paper packets will be provided for any students.





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