Sports Schedules




General McLane Varsity Football

Aug. 20Grove City (Scrimmage)10 a.m.
Aug. 26Slippery Rock 7 p.m.HOME
Sept. 2Ft. LeBoeuf7 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 9Franklin7 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 16North East7 p.m.HOME
Sept. 23Corry7 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 30Harbor Creek (Homecoming)7 p.m.HOME
Oct. 7Wilmington7 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 14Fairview7 p.m.HOME
Oct. 21Girard7 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 28Warren7 p.m.HOME

General McLane JV Football

Aug. 20Grove City (Scrimmage)10 a.m.HOME
Aug. 27Slippery Rock10 a.m.AWAY
Sept. 3Ft. LeBeouf10 a.m.HOME
Sept. 10Franklin10 a.m.HOME
Sept. 17North East10 a.m.AWAY
Sept. 24Corry10 a.m.HOME
Oct. 1Harbor Creek10 a.m.AWAY
Oct. 8Wilmington10 a.m.HOME
Oct. 15Fairview10 a.m.AWAY
Oct. 22Girard10 a.m.HOME

General McLane JV & Varsity Girls Soccer

DateOpponentVarsity/JV timeHome/Away
Aug. 25Seneca (scrimmage)6:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 1Greenville6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Sept. 3Meadville6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 5Titusville6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Sept. 7Warren5/6:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 10Mercyhurst Prep10/11:30 a.m.AWAY
Sept. 14Grove City6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 17Mercer11 a.m./12:30 p.m.HOME
Sept. 19Ft. LeBeouf6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 21Fairview6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Sept. 24McDowell6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 27Harbor Creek6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 3Cathedral Prep/Villa6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Oct. 5Ft. LeBeouf6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Oct. 11Fairview6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 13Harbor Creek6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Oct. 15Meadville6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Oct. 19Cathedral Prep/Villa6/7:30 p.m.AWAY

General McLane JV & Varsity Boys Soccer

DateOpponentVarsity/JV timeHome/Away
Aug. 20Iroquois (scrimmage)5:30 p.m.AWAY
Aug. 29Meadville6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Sept. 1Grove City6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 3Erie11:30 a.m./1 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 6Greenville6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Sept. 8Girard6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Sept. 12North East6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Sept. 14Ft. LeBeouf6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 20Fairview6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Sept. 22Harbor Creek6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 26Mercyhurst Prep6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 29Erie6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Oct. 4Girard6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 6North East6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 8McDowell1:30/3 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 10Ft. LeBeouf6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Oct. 12Fairview6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 18Harbor Creek6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Oct. 20Mercyhurst Prep6/7:30 p.m.HOME

General McLane Volleyball (JV & Varsity)

DateOpponentJV/Varsity timeHome/Away
Aug. 30Fairview6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Sept. 6Girard6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Sept. 8North East6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 10Varsity Ft. LeBeouf TournamentTBAAWAY
Sept. 13Saegertown6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 15Fairview6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 17JV Cambridge Springs TournamentTBAAWAY
Sept. 19Ft. LeBeouf6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 20Hickory6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Sept. 22Meadville6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 24Varsity Meadville TournamentTBAAWAY
Sept. 27Warren6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Sept. 29Grove City6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 1JV Ft. LeBeouf Tournament TBAAWAY
Oct. 3North East6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Oct. 5Erie FIrst6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Oct. 6Villa6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 10Mercyhurst Prep6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Oct. 13Erie6/7:30 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 17West Middlesex6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Oct. 18McDowell6/7:30 p.m.HOME
Oct. 20Cash6/7:30 p.m.HOME

General McLane 7th/8th Grade Girls Basketball

DateOpponent8th/7th timeHome/Away
Aug. 30Ft. LeBeouf4/5 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 1Northwestern4/5 p.m.HOME
Sept. 6Corry4/5 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 8Harbor Creek4/5 p.m.HOME
Sept. 13Fairview4/5 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 15Seneca4/5 p.m.HOME
Sept. 20Iroquois4/5 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 22JS Wilson4/5 p.m.HOME
Sept. 27North East4/5 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 29Girard4/5 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 4Walnut Creek4/5 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 6Corry4/5 p.m.HOME
Oct. 11Northwestern4/5 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 13Fairview4/5 p.m.HOME
Oct. 18Seneca4/5 p.m.HOME
Oct. 20Ft. LeBeouf4/5 p.m.HOME
Oct. 24Iroquois4/5 p.m.HOME

General McLane 7th/8th Grade Football

Aug. 31Corry (scrimmage)4:30 p.m.HOME
Sept. 7Fairview4:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 14Northwestern4:30 p.m.HOME
Sept. 21Girard4:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 28Harbor Creek4:30 p.m.HOME
Oct. 5Corry4:30 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 12Ft. LeBeouf4:30 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 19North East6:30 p.m.HOME
Oct. 26Kennerknecht Championship (#1 vs. #2)7 p.m.HOME

General McLane Cross Country (Boys and Girls)

Aug. 27Riverside HS (Ohio) Invite7:10 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 3Rocket Invite (Titusville)9:15 a.m.AWAY
Sept. 6Iroquois4 p.m.HOME
Sept. 10Red White Blue Classic (White Oak, PA)11 a.m.AWAY
Sept. 13. Ft. LeBeouf4 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 17Spartan Invite3 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 20Girard4 p.m.HOME
Sept. 27Northwestern4 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 1McQuaid Invite (Rochester, NY)12:20 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 4Fairview4 p.m.HOME
Oct. 11Mercyhurst Prep4 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 29DX Championship (Titusville)TBAAWAY

James W. Parker Middle School Cross Country (Boys and Girls)

Sept. 3Rocket Invite (Titusville)8:30 a.m.AWAY
Sept. 6Iroquois4 p.m.HOME
Sept. 10Oakland Catholic Invite7:30 a.m.AWAY
Sept. 13. Ft. LeBeouf4 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 20Girard4 p.m.HOME
Sept. 24Sharpsville InviteTBAAWAY
Sept. 27Northwestern4 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 1McQuaid Invite (Rochester, NY)TBAAWAY
Oct. 4Fairview4 p.m.HOME
Oct. 8Harbor Creek Invite9:30 a.m.AWAY
Oct. 11Mercyhurst Prep4 p.m.AWAY
Oct. 15Rocky Grove InviteTBAAWAY
Oct. 26District X4 p.m.AWAY

General McLane Boys Golf

Aug. 15Mercyhurst Mega Match10 a.m.AWAY
Aug. 22Iroquois Mega MatchnoonAWAY
Aug. 25Harbor Creek Mega Match8 a.m.AWAY
Aug. 29.North East Mega Match11 a.m.AWAY
Aug. 31Corry Invite10 a.m.AWAY
Sept. 1Harbor Creek Mega MatchTBATBA
Sept. 8Ft. LeBoeuf Mega Match11 a.m.AWAY
Sept. 13Fairview Mega Match10 a.m.AWAY
Sept. 15General McLane Mega Match1 p.m.HOME
Sept. 26Tam O Shanter Invite10 a.m.AWAY

General McLane Girls Golf

Aug. 15Harbor Creek Mega Match2 p.m.AWAY
Aug. 17General McLane Mega Match1 p.m.HOME
Aug. 18Fairview Mega Match9 a.m.AWAY
Aug. 24Ft. LeBoeuf Mega Match11:30 a.m.AWAY
Aug. 29Mercyhurst Mega Match3:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 8Tam O Shanter Invite10 a.m.TBA
Sept. 12Union City Mega Match3:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 15Prep Mega Match12:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 19North East Mega Match3:30 p.m.AWAY
Sept. 20District QualifierTBAAWAY
Sept. 22Bear’s Cup Invite3:30 p.m.AWAY