General McLane’s instrumental and vocal music programs are the strongest music programs in Erie County.

Elementary students are “tuned in” to music beginning in kindergarten. Students explore the elements of music, including dynamics, tempo, articulation, tone color, rhythm, melody, harmony, texture and form to name a few.  Elementary students play instruments and use their voices in many ways.  The elementary students are also exposed to different visitors and guests  who share songs and instruments with the students.

General Music continues through middle school.

The General McLane Marching Band started with 25 students and has grown into the largest marching band in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Unique to General McLane, our band program is comprised of athletes from every sport — except football for obvious reasons. The band program within General McLane School District is comprised not only of the Marching Band, but also the JAZZ Band, Concert Band,  Developmental band, Symphonic Winds and the 7th and 8th Grade band. Many students within our program have earned the privilege to play in Regional, State and All-Eastern Bands. In addition, the GM Marching Band also took first place on eight occasions in the Open Class at the Lakeshore Marching Band Association Championship. Our Jazz Program has achieved numerous accolades and performs at various jazz festivals in the tri-state area.

The Band program allows students to continue their refinement of musical skills through the practice, rehearsal and performance of band music. Students perform at all football games, parades and competitions and then constructively discuss their own performances and on the performances of the band.

High School students are provided many options to take elective instrumental and vocal music classes.

On the vocal side, General McLane’s vocal program is also highly successful and one of the best in the area. Our Broadway Dinner has received numerous attention within the community, selling out within hours, and our students compete regional and state competitions, including the PMEA All-States.

Students have the opportunities to join three different concert choirs: Holiday, Spring and Broadway Dinner. Any of these Concert Choir students learn and sing a variety of repertoire through which proper vocal technique for solo, small group and full choir singing. The High School also offers a Madrigal Singers course, where highly motivated vocalists learn intense, high-paced performances focused on the music of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Interested students may learn about the mechanics of music by taking up to two different levels of Music Theory. Electives in Electronic music (where students learn the basic concepts of synthesizers, MDI, computer applications in music, etc.), Vocal Jazz Ensemble and Women’s Ensemble are also offered.