Hiring Process for Teachers


Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in teaching in the General Mclane School District. So that you understand how our hiring process works, I am providing you with the following chronology.

1. When a vacancy occurs, it is posted on our website for a two week period. That two week period is to allow internal employees to request transfer. Applicants may apply for a position via the online application database. Read this manual first (the last pages address common questions)
2. If an internal candidate applies for the position, the transfer request is usually granted and then that person’s position is posted for another two week period, if that position is to be replaced.
3. Once no internal requests for transfer are received at the end of a two week posting, the applications will undergo a series of screening. Those who screen the highest will be passed along to the principal of the building that has the vacancy. The principal (sometimes in cooperation with others) will review the applications to determine who to interview.
4. We do not advertise positions in the newspaper if we feel we have an adequate applicant pool on file.
5. Applications that are missing items such as official transcripts or any of the required clearances will be tagged as missing. If an interview is granted, a status report on these items will be requested. If a significant time line is needed for the applicant to obtain the required documents, eligibility for the job may be hampered.
6. If you are a recent graduate and have not yet been issued your certificate, we must have a letter from your college dean stating that you have met academic and praxis requirements and that your certificate is in process.
7. A team of administrators and teachers will conduct interviews. The top two to four applicants will be asked to return to teach a lesson, in front of students if school is in session, or in front of the committee if it is summer.
8. Pre-Employment testing may be administered to the candidates.
9. The top one or two applicants will be recommended to the superintendent If the superintendent is comfortable, he will make a recommendation to the board.
10. Only the board of education can hire. No hiring is final until board approval is received.

Job Selection Expectations:
Applications, resumes, letters of reference, and GM written essay sample will be reviewed to for required certification; demonstrated related knowledge, skills, and abilities; and ability to communicate effectively.  As candidates progress through the selection process they may be asked to perform additional written exercises, complete panel interviews, and perform a sample lesson related to the subject area.

If you have any questions, you may contact Sarah Grabski at the Education Center at 273-1033, ext. 5901.

Again, thank you for your interest in General McLane.

Matthew Lane
Superintendent of Schools