New Employee Forms


Please complete all attached forms and return to Jennifer Berger at the Education Center.  Please note that your paycheck cannot be processed until I have the enclosed forms on file.

Attached please find:

1.   Personal Information Sheet

2.   Form W-4 (federal tax deduction form)

3.  Local Earned Income Tax Residency Certification Form (complete the employee information section AND the certification section)

4.   Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification (complete section 1)

Note: The lists of acceptable documents that establish your identity and your employment authorization follow the I-9 form. You will need to show a document from list A or B & list C.

5.   Direct Deposit Authorization Form (direct deposit is mandatory for all employees and substitutes)

6.   Local Service Tax – Exemption Certificate (only complete this form if you are exempt from this tax for the current calendar year)

7.  Work Related Injuries (complete and return the acknowledgement section on page 3 of this document)

         8. School Personnel Health Record

If you have questions on any of these forms, please contact Jennifer Berger in the Education Center at 273-1033, extension 5906.

Please return all forms along with your identification for copying prior to your 1st work day.