School Safety


General McLane School District values providing a school community that is safe and secure for students, staff and faculty. We believe students learn best in a positive, safe and caring environment that values student engagement.

Keeping our students safe is a shared responsibility of the entire community, and safety planning is a process that involves staff, parents, students, school administrators, our school resource officer (SRO), emergency responders and the community.

With safety as one of General McLane School District’s 10 core values, the District has adopted several programs to provide a safe environment. We encourage you to learn more about safety in our schools so we can work together in providing a safe  school environment for all.

Safe Practices at School

We practice regular safety drills with students following the school district’s option-based response protocol and encourage all parents and guardians to be informed of these practices.

Supporting Your Child

Resources are available to support students and families. Reach out your child’s teacher, the building principal or the District’s School Resource Officer if you have concerns.

Building Safety

General McLane is committed to providing safe school environment for students, staff, and visitors. Cameras have been installed throughout all schools and on school busses. These cameras are regulated and monitored for the safety of our students.