Transportation Alerts


10/11/2019 Route 99, Edinboro Rd is closed and all traffic is being rerouted across Old 99, making it impossible for our buses to pick up any students along that stretch of Edinboro Rd.  If your student is in need of busing to school, please call us and we will send a vehicle to transport your student once the road has reopened.

Contact Information
Nancy Ekstrom, Transportation Coordinator – (814) 273-1033 x6900 | Email
Elizabeth Buckholtz, Administrative Assistant for Support Services – (814) 273-1033 x6999 | Email
Maryann Loomis, Administrative Assistant for Support Services – (814) 273-1033 x7999 | Email
Phone: (814) 273-1033 Ext. 6900
Fax: 814-273-1048