The Great Conversation

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General McLane School District families and community members: watch this series of videos titled “The Great Conversation” by Jamie Vollmer to increase your awareness of issues with and to better understand public education nationally.

Vollmer discusses topics surrounding politics, business, education and more school issues. He is a champion of public education and the president of Vollmer, Inc., working to half the erosion of public trust and build support for America’s public schools. Not an educator by profession, he entered the educational arena after working careers in law and manufacturing.

General McLane shares these videos weekly with staff members, but we want to include the community in this conversation. We hope you’ll watch and share your feedback with us.

Why Are We Not Getting the Results We Need – Misconceptions – Part Two

What Can We Do Now #2 – The 5Ss

Understanding the Threats – School Choice 

Understanding the Threats – Neo-Reformers

Understanding the Threats – Business Leaders – Part Two 

Understanding the Threats – Business Leaders – Part One

Survivor on Middle School Island

What Can We Do Now? Our School Marquees

Understanding the Threats – Politics – Part Two