Fundraiser Challenge


The Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority (ECGRA) is challenging parents, students, friends, faculty, and staff of General McLane to grow its endowment and provide more opportunities to students and teachers. Through its School District Endowment Challenge, ECGRA will match up to $10,870—or $5 per student— every donation made to The General McLane Foundation now through December 31, 2016!

This Challenge is part of ECGRA’s county-wide commitment of up to $200,000 in matching funds for dollars raised through December 31, 2016 through Erie County’s 13 public school district foundations. The School District Foundation Endowment Challenge officially kicked off in February.

Since early 2014, ECGRA representatives have been convening foundation leaders to build their organizational and fundraising capacity. This month, those leaders will launch fundraising campaigns with hopes of earning every matching dollar available to them.

The matching contributions will be key for growing the General McLane Foundation and will have a dramatic and direct impact on General McLane students. These funds will be dispersed among student scholarships, innovative educational programs and capital improvements of student facilities. Through the Grant Challenge, the General McLane Foundation hopes to spread awareness of the Foundation and spur new ideas for Foundation Projects to which these funds can also be distributed.

To make an investment, please donate now to the General McLane Foundation. For more information on the Foundation or for new ideas for Foundation Projects, please e-mail Bill Fendya at or call 814-273-1033. For more information on the Challenge, please visit ECGRA’s website.

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