GMSD Test-To-Stay Program


The district has a Test-to-Stay program in all four buildings for students and staff in an attempt to keep students and staff in school more often.

What is Test-to-Stay (TTS)?  

  • TTS is an optional/opt-in program that allows students and staff to take a rapid antigen test in school when they would have otherwise been quarantined.  
  • Our target date (pending receipt of test materials) is Tuesday, February 8.  

Are students required to participate? 

  • No. 
  • Only families who register their students or staff registering themselves (information below) will participate in TTS. 
  • Students and staff identified as close contacts who do not participate in TTS will simply follow the current guidelines for quarantine.

Is GMSD participating in pool testing for students? 

  • No. We are only participating in the TTS option. 

Who is eligible for TTS? 

  • Students who are identified as classroom asymptomatic close contacts are eligible for TTS. 
  • Students who are identified as lunchroom asymptomatic close contacts are eligible for TTS. 
  • Students who are asymptomatic and are looking to return to school athletics are eligible for TTS. 
  • Students who are mildly symptomatic are eligible for TTS. It is not for students who would traditionally be sent home for regular illness. 
  • TTS is available for students who present with mild symptoms in school regardless of vaccination status. 

Who is NOT eligible for TTS? 

  • TTS is not for non-school close contacts. 
  • TTS is not for testing out of household quarantine resulting from household close contact to a positive case. 
  • TTS is not for testing unrelated to school.  
  • In other words, we want to do what we can to keep students and staff in school; however, we do not have the capacity or resources to be a new community testing center.  

Where is GMSD getting the tests? 

  • GMSD is partnering with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and their testing provider, Concentric by Ginkgo. 

What is the testing process? 

  • Students will be tested in our nurses’ offices by trained staff.  
  • Testing produces results in 10-15 minutes.  
  • Students who test negative will return to class. Students who test positive will follow the current quarantine guidelines.  

If you are not interested in TTS for your student, you don’t need to do anything. If you are interested, use the following instructions. 

When prompted via the links below, use the following building codes: 

  • General McLane High School: P5HLKF 
  • James W. Parker Middle School: 7A755M 
  • Edinboro Elementary School: R22ND7 
  • McKean Elementary School: 2JKCXL