Parent Survey Form

As we look toward operating schools during a pandemic, it is important for parents to have an understanding of how that may look. As has been the constant throughout this crisis, everything is subject to change, but here are the basics as we currently understand them:

Red Phase – School would be closed and all education would be online; We are going to be providing training this summer to improve our online delivery

Yellow Phase – half the students would attend on a given day while the other half worked from home. The schedule would be some sort of A/B configuration where students alternate home and school attendance. By seeing their teachers on a regular basis, many of the communication and parent challenges faced at the end of last year would be eliminated. Many safety protocols would be in place such as social distancing, wearing masks on buses and common areas, frequent cleaning, etc.

Green Phase – all students would attend school every day with safety protocols in place but limited social distancing.

According to epidemiologists, transmission of the virus is primarily through droplets in the air shed by people with the virus. To contract the virus, you must be closer than six feet to a person who has the virus for at least 10 minutes. Schools will have protocols in place to avoid person to person transmissions. Transmission from surfaces is rare; however, schools will have protocols in place to avoid students touching the same surfaces.

As of June 10, according to the CDC, only 4.5% of those who tested positive with the virus were under the age of 18. Although our student population is not high risk, mitigation efforts will still be thorough.