Academic Awards Banquet


The Academic Awards Banquet will be held May 22, 2018.


The 10th Annual Lancer Legacy Banquet will take place Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at McLane Church This year’s banquet will honor Bethanee Schlosser (’92), Steve Halmi (’89), Sid Manchester and Dixie Corwin. These awards are presented during the Lancer Legacy Academic Banquet of Excellence. After the presentation of the Distinguished Alumni and Lancer Legacy Awards, the Annual Academic Awards Ceremony for students takes place. The banquet starts at 6 p.m. and the Awards Ceremony starts at 6:45 p.m. Tickets to the banquet are $20. Please complete the attached ticket form (student form / adult form) to secure your tickets.

The academic excellence banquet honors current students who have attained high academic standards in the classroom and on the school’s competitive teams and alumni who have paved a path of excellence for future students to follow with their achievements in the real world

There are two awards given out each year:

1. The Lancer Legacy Award for Distinguished Service to the District: For those who have laid down the foundation for the high quality district of General McLane.

2. The Distinguished Alumni Award: For those who have achieved greatness and success after separating paths from General McLane School District.

Past Lancer Award Winners:

Legacy Award for Distinguished Service to the General McLane School District
2009 – James W. Parker & James McDonald
2010 – Dr. Therese T. Walter
2011 – Jean Smith
2012 – Mary Havican
2013 – Pat Davis
2014 – Jerry Englert
2015 – Donald Douglass
2016 – Martha Knuth

Lancer Legacy Award for Distinguished Service to General McLane Athletics
2009 – John Schenning
2010 – James Smart
2011 – Bob Jamison
2012 – Jack Regan
2013 – Gary Gilbert
2014 – Steve Samol
2015 – David Stemmler
2016 – Martha Kosiorek

Distinguished Alumni
2009 – Lee Steadman & Brent Willey
2010 – Mark Fisher & Robert Rodak
2011 – Melodee Kushner & Phil Frndak
2012 – John Vanco & Carrie Beth Dean-Bramlett
2013 – Tyler Travis & Dr. Scott Miller
2014 – Carleen Martin Mitchell & Brian M. Kely
2015 – Robert Wagner & Korey Kilburn
2016 – Dan DeFigio and John Samol