Special Programs


General McLane High School include a variety of classes and activities for students of every level to make it one of the best academic programs in Erie County. Special Programs are an important part of the High School experience for many students, helping them to get involved or acclimated to their new surroundings.

The Erie County Tech School, with its’ specialized training in the trades, has been a staple of the districts’ special programs for a number of years. The Special Education Department at General McLane has a curriculum that allows the “special needs” student opportunities they would  not otherwise have. Strong skills and understanding personnel help to make these programs the success they have become. Programs such as Experience Academy, Link Crew and Kids to Kids have been developed in recent years to involve students in the world and people around them.  New to the district is the Academy of Arts and Engineering.

All of these, and numerous other, programs are created and executed with the student in mind…helping each and every one of them to become happy, healthy and productive young adults.