Kids to Kids



Kids to Kids is designed to train high school students to speak to elementary and middle school students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. High school students are given extensive training on the dangers of drugs and alcohol, after which they are taught how to explain refusal skills to the younger students. After training is complete, students in this course will travel to the elementary and middle schools to implement the training.

The Kids to Kids program began at General McLane High School in 1996 due to the death of Stan Scarlett, a GM alumni. Originally, the program only included grades 4 and 5.  In 1997 it was expanded to include all elementary and middle school levels (1-7). High School students are the instructors,  teaching drug and alcohol prevention lessons to their younger audience. In 2001 character education lessons were added to the Kids to Kids program. Kids to Kids teaches children and young teens valuable life lessons they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.