Main Office


Welcome to the General McLane High School Office.

The Office is open Monday through Friday 7:30AM to 3:00PM, during the school year, and is located to the left of the main lobby. All visitors to the High School must report to the office upon entry into the building check in, and wear a visitors badge during their stay.

Courtney Behnke
Paula Loomis

The school offers classes to meet a diversity of students’ needs and aptitudes. A variety of science and math courses ranging from abstract presentations to practical applications is offered. A comprehensive elective program is also offered including three foreign languages (Mandarin, French, Spanish), several music performing ensembles, technology education, family living courses and programs in visual arts. In addition, classes in computer programming and computerized systems are offered. Grade point averages and class rank are computed using a weighted system whereby grades earned in accelerated classes are given stronger “weight” than those in other classes. The requirements for graduation from General McLane High School are established by the General McLane School Board.

A successful General McLane student is one who exhibits a positive, respectful attitude when dealing with others at school.