When is the deadline for submission of senior portraits? Friday, January 21, 2022 is the due date. Most photographers will submit the photo proof to the yearbook for you at a small cost. Ask the photographer if he or she mails or emails the proofs to the yearbook and if so, have the photographer send the photo to the high school to my attention. If you submit the photo yourself, place a wallet-sized photo in an envelope with your name and “senior photo for yearbook–Ms. Bremner” printed on the front. Photos can then be brought to room 308 or placed in my mailbox in the office. Photos can also be submitted on discs or through email. Digital photos are preferred over hard copies. Send digital photos to Are there guidelines about selecting a pose for submission? Submitted senior photographs should be portrait oriented. If a landscape oriented photo is submitted, it will have to be cropped which can have a negative impact on the quality of the photo when it appears in the published yearbook. For best quality, photos of at least 225 dpi should be submitted. Portraits taken with most cell phones and portraits retrieved from Facebook will not publish clearly. Submitted portraits should be in color. Submit a head and shoulder shot. Photos that include more than the traditional pose will be cropped. Where should my child’s portrait be taken? You can have your child’s photograph taken anywhere you choose. Is a senior portrait required? Senior portraits can be quite costly. You are under absolutely no obligation to have the photos taken. The school ID card portrait taken by Lifetouch at school may be used in the yearbook for anyone who does not submit a photograph or does not have a professional photographer submit a photo by the deadline. Occasionally yearbook staff members will take portraits of seniors during school hours to ensure a complete senior section in the yearbook. Another option is to take a photograph at home and email that digital photograph to Ms. Bremner at YEARBOOK SENIOR PORTRAIT FAQS 








Yearbook Awards

The General McLane High School yearbook continues to receive awards for its talent in the fields of journalism, theme and page design.

American Scholastic Press Association Awards
The American Scholastic Press Association presented awards to The Imperator  for eight consecutive years based on excellence in a variety of criteria, including journalistic excellence, design and theme.
  • 2019: First Place
  • 2018: Second Place
  • 2017: First Place
  • 2016: Second Place
  • 2015: Second Place
  • 2014: First Place
  • 2013: First Place
  • 2012: First Place
  • 2011: Second Place
  • 2010: Second Place
  • 2009: First Place

Walsworth Superior Performance Awards
Excellence in yearbook production is awarded by the Walsworth publishing company. The Imperator staff has earned this award for three consecutive years.

  • 2011-12
  • 2010-11
  • 2009-10

Walsworth Gallery of Excellence Award 2010
The Gallery of excellence is a showcase of the best yearbooks published by the Walsworth publishing company. Of the thousands of yearbooks published annually, only 5% receive this prestigious award. Yearbooks in the Gallery of Excellence are used nationwide by Walsworth yearbook representatives as quality examples, are loaned to schools to use as idea generators, and are often displayed at regional, state and national conventions and workshops.

Vintage Yearbooks For Sale

Old yearbooks are a useful and affordable tool for locating old friends, genealogy/family trees, researching examples of popular clothing and hair styles for movie and theatrical productions and more.

Below is a list of General McLane High School Yearbooks currently for sale.

To order, please email Diane Bremner at or call 273-1033, ext 1308. After placing the order, yearbooks will be available for pick up in the main office of the high school during school hours; 8:00am – 3:00pm. Payment may be made in cash or check payable to “GMHS Yearbook.”

Available at $60.00 Available at $10.00
2017-2018 2008-09
2016-2017 2007-08
2015-2016 2006-07
Available at $20.00 2002-03
 2013-14 2001-02
 2012-13 2000-01
 2010-11 1999-00
 2008-09 1998-99
 2007-08 1997-98