Transportation Department



Transportation arrangements will roll over for returning students from year to year. If you are requesting changes for next year, please do so by July 1st.

To submit a Transportation Change, you must do one of the following:

  • Complete the Bus Routing Request Form (below) if you are a family who has moved within the District OR if you wish to be picked up or dropped off at a location other than your home address.
  • Special Request for Variation Form: If both parents live in the district, but live at different locations, children may have one variation from home pick-up or drop-off. Families who fall under this category should fill out the Special Request for Variation Form.


2019-2020 Activity Bus Stops

Contact Information
Nancy Ekstrom, Transportation Coordinator – (814) 273-1033 x6900 | Email
Elizabeth Buckholtz, Administrative Assistant for Support Services – (814) 273-1033 x6999 | Email
MaryAnn Loomis, Administrative Assistant for Support Services – (814) 273-1033 x7999 | Email
Phone: (814) 273-1033 Ext. 6900
Fax: 814-273-1048

As a reminder, parents/guardians should allow 48 hours for the District to process transportation requests.

Bus Routing Request

  • Please allow 48 hours to process all transportation requests.
  • Child 1 Information

  • Child 2 Information

  • Child 3 Information

  • Child 4 Information

  • I, the requester for this Bus Routing Request, warrant the truthfulness of the information provided in this form.
  • Please allow 48 hours to process all transportation requests.