General McLane School District

Innovative Education Programs & Funds serve to improve student academic achievement and the quality of education for all students.

William E. and Mary S. Smith Middle School Innovative Educational Program Grant 

The William E. and Mary S. Smith Middle School Innovative Educational Program Grant is a $500 mini-grant for middle school teachers to use for an innovative educational program, which is not available through the normal instructional process.

An innovative educational program is an advanced academic or similar program that is not part of the regular academic program of a public school, but one that enhances the curriculum or academic program of the public school.

Cost/Amount Given: $500 grants will be awarded

To apply for this grant, please fill out the application and send to the James W. Parker Middle School Principal.

The instruction, programs or other activities offered by or through an innovative educational program may include, but are not limited to, any of the following characteristics:

  • integration with the instructional program of the public school.
  • supplements, reconstructs or involves a major revision to the curriculum or academic program of the public school.
  • provides a different focus, delivery, including internet-based and distance learning technologies.
  • offered separately from the public school curriculum or academic program.
  • offered before or after public school hours, on weekends, as a year-round program and/or an extension of the public school year.
  • offered as a standards-based program of instruction that operates outside of the length and time requirements of the public school, but which meets the minimum hours or day of instruction required by state law.
  • use of specialized materials, instructors or instruction not provided by a public school.
  • use of internships and other work-based learning opportunities for a student that supplements the curriculum or academic program of a student and provides a student with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the academic program.
  • reconfiguring, renovating or equipping a facility that is owned by a public school in order to create a specialized environment that is integral and necessary to the operation of an innovative educational program.

This grant has funded the following projects and so much more!

  • Mobile tool cart that can be used for the entire building for multiple uses. It will be used within his classroom, for Inventionland, Robotics and JWPMS’ new makerspace. (Bill Moats)
  • Modern Mathematics- transforming the physical structure of the classroom from being teacher-centered to student-centered through environmental enhancements (Chris Triola)
  • Graphic Design Instruction through Professional T-shirt Screen Printing (Christina Martin)
  • A permanent documentation station in the middle school art room where students will be able to photograph their two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork in a professional manner (Christina Martin)
  • Incorporating fitness, dance, and movement into Phys. Ed, especially for students on medical restrictions or with special needs (Bob Santos and Heather Karns)
  • Opportunities for advanced clothing fabrication in Family Living (Pam Glasl)
  • Creation of a student store, giving special needs students an opportunity to run the store (Tanis Plouse)

J.L. Smith Endowment

The J.L. Smith Endowment was created by Jean Smith, who taught at General McLane for more than 40 years.

Starting during the 2017-2018 School Year, the J.L. Smith Endowment will annually award a grant to elementary teachers in special area subjects, including health, library, music, art and physical education. This will be available to both McKean and Edinboro Elementary teachers.

A committee of current teachers and administrators will decide each year which project should be awarded the money. Edinboro Elementary students created the logo for this fund.

“I choose to use the funds specifically for the specials because it would make the biggest impact since all elementary students take specials,” she said. “The specials within General McLane School District are important because they create well-rounded students.”

Creating well-rounded students was something Smith practiced during her time at General McLane School District. She provided her students with a solid educational foundation through Writing Portfolios, Shakespearean Research Project and the famous mini-society she formed within her classroom throughout the years. From Beanieboro to Gum City to State Champsburgh, Kitty City and even Scooterville, Smith’s most well-known classroom project involved transforming students into entrepreneurs, who would try their hardest to earn Lancer Bucks through their businesses’ products and services.

Smith taught fourth grade for two years at McKean Elementary School and third grade for 42 years at Edinboro Elementary School. She retired at the end of the 2007-2008 school year and received the Lancer Legacy Award for Distinguished Service to the General McLane School District in 2011.

The ‘M’ Fund

The ‘M’ Fund is an endowment of the General McLane Foundation created in 2014 by alumni and other supporters to recognize John J. Marszalek for his many years of dedicated service to the GMHS music program.

Marszalek retired after 39 years with the District. Under Marszalek’s direction, the General McLane Marching Band grew from 25 students to the largest marching band in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Numerous students have earned the privilege to play in Regional, State and All-Eastern Bands, and the GM Marching Band also took first place on eight occasions in the Open Class at the Lakeshore Marching Band Association Championship. Marszalek also started the Jazz program, which has achieved numerous accolades at various jazz festivals in the tri-state area

The objectives of the ‘M’ Fund are to:
1.  Provide funds to support arts-related events in the GM school district, such as speakers, performers and concerts
2. To allow faculty, staff and students to participate in educational or performance events not otherwise funded by district or booster funds

This is a 100% charitable endowment fund. All donations are fully tax deductible and distributed at the discretion of the General McLane Foundation Board of Trustees.

Thomas McGinty – Patrick Connelly Grant Fund

This grant benefits is funded through a Partner Committee, but it is issued through the Foundation. 

Application Required: No | Recipient chosen by Guidance
Number of Recipients: 2

The Thomas McGinty – Patrick Connelly Scholarship will be given annually to a student that is there to assist at any given time to help another student, teacher or visitor in time of need.  The receiver should have the characteristics of a go getter that may not always succeed but is willing to go the extra mile to try.

Tom was a local behavioral counselor that shared his love for life by depicting the interests, goals, achievements, blunders and bad habits of family members and friends as the character in his newspaper cartoon, pollywog pond.

Pat worked as Custodial and Maintenance Manager (Servicemaster) for General McLane and was an announcer for some sporting events.

Tom and Pat were the best of friends growing up and later in life.  Always willing to help anyone in need, whether it be with a project or just to provide some advice. These two friends left us early but their hearts are still with us continuing to help those in need.

The Schulz Family Boys Basketball Fund

The GM Foundation funds an initiative selected by the principal and boys basketball coach to advance the boys basketball program.