Test Alert for Delays and Cancellations

On Tuesday, November 29, 2016, a “test” Emergency Alert was sent out through the PowerAnnounce System to all employees and parents in the District.

This is the system that we will use for potential weather delay / cancellation calls. If you did not receive the Alert, please take the proper action as soon as possible:
– If your child is in Elementary School, contact the Elementary School your child attends.
– If your child attends James W. Parker Middle School or General McLane High School, please visit the PowerSchool Parent Portal and verify your contact information.

Please be sure to review the District’s Guidelines for School Cancellations and Delays.

*During instances of inclement weather or emergency situations, you can also refer to the General McLane School District’s homepage as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for information on school closings and/or postponements. Information will also continue to be sent to television and radio stations.*

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