General McLane School District

General McLane School District is committed to our mission of “meeting students where they are to empower them to become all they are capable of being.” That commitment is grounded in the curriculum, instruction, and assessment that guides teaching and learning across grade levels. However, it’s the outstanding teachers throughout the district who make what’s being taught engaging and accessible to the students in a way from which they will learn and grow.

The process of curriculum mapping is cyclical and guided by board policy. Curriculum mapping done well involves bringing stakeholders together, ensuring alignment to Pennsylvania State Standards, and considering research and best practices to develop a living document that informs instruction. Pursuant to board policy 106, curriculum documents outline objectives of the instruction, concepts and skills to be taught, appreciations to be developed, suggested activities designed to achieve the objectives, suggested methods of instruction, assessment criteria and methods intended to evaluate the extent to which learning objectives have been achieved, and a list of supplemental titles for the guidance of teachers.

All General McLane students are provided with rich academic experiences intended to prepare them for life after graduation. What that future looks like is different for each child and changes for all children over time. For that reason, our schools must commit to always enhancing students’ transferable skills, and also modify and adjust course offerings and maps to reflect the realities those graduates will face.

General McLane has a well deserved reputation of excellence and will continue to lead the way in providing a high quality educational experience at all levels for all children.

As new curriculum maps are adopted by the board, they will be updated and accessible within the Drive folder linked on this webpage and also found by clicking here. 

If you have questions about the curriculum in General McLane, please reach out to Dr. Steven Karns, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, at or (814)273-1033 ext. 5908.



Dr. Steven KarnsSteve Karns

814-273-1033 ext 5908