General McLane School District

The GM Student Assistance Fund was created in May 2013. It was established in order to provide emergency assistance to high school students with personal or educational needs as identified by school district personnel.

A five-person committee, appointed annually by the GM Foundation Board of Trustees, approve applications submitted by district personnel. The committee is composed of the school nurse, one faculty member, one Foundation member, and two at-large members of the community.

Funding for goods and services is authorized by the committee to meet the identified need and is made directly to the provider, staff, or volunteers named in the request.

This Fund was endowed with a contribution of $20,000 to the GM Foundation by a former school board member and her husband. The fund was established in order to assist students while they are in high school to help them attain their goal of graduation.

For information and the next steps, please contact the high school nurse or the General McLane Foundation.