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Annual Budget / Annual Financial Report

What is included in the Budget

For the 2016-2017 school year, General McLane adopted a general fund budget totaling $32,653,209. This budget includes costs to educate approximately 2,170 students in four schools.


Source of Funds

General McLane School District’s revenues come from various state, federal and local sources. About 54% of the revenue is from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Commonwealth provides subsidies and grants for basic education, special education, health services and student transportation. The federal government provides about 2% of revenues in the form of Title I and Title II grants. Real estate and earned income taxes account for about 36% and 5% of revenues respectively.


Use of Funds

Employee Salaries and benefits constitute about 74% of expenses. The remaining 26% of expenses are purchases services, supplies & equipment, utilities and miscellaneous expenses.

(Same Expenses, Different Breakdown)


The statewide actual average instructional expense per student for 2015-16 was $9,755. The average for school districts in the Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit #5 was $8,567 and for General McLane School District was $7,418.

General McLane’s administrative expense per student was lower than its peers in I.U#5 and the state as a whole.


General McLane Foundation

The General McLane Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization to benefit the students of General McLane School District. Over the past thirty years, memorials in excess of $429,800 have been donated in memory or honor of students, teachers and staff. The investment earnings are used to fund scholarships to graduating seniors. In June of 2014, the Foundation awarded 29 scholarships valued over $18,650. The Foundation is enrolled with the Pennsylvania Educational Tax Credit Program to fund innovative educational programs with Pennsylvania corporate tax credits and received $22,000 in the fiscal year ended June 30, 2014. The Foundation also distributed over $6,050 to fund innovative educational programs at James W. Parker Middle School, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) at the General McLane High School, equipment for the GMHS weight lifting program and equipment for the varsity golf team in the fiscal year ended June 30, 2014 The Foundation hosts two annual fundraising events each year to continually support the scholarship endowment. The Hall of Fame Golf Outing was Saturday, September 6, 2014 and the Holiday Arts Fair will be Saturday, November 22, 2014.


 District Directory

DR. Therse T. Walter Education Center General McLane High School
11771 Edinboro Road,
Edinboro, PA 16412
11761 Edinboro Road,
Edinboro, PA 16412
Richard Scaletta, Superintendent ext.5901 Daniel V. Mennow, Principal
William Fendya, CPA, Business Manager ext.5903 Pamela Mackowski, Associate Principal
Jason Buto, Curriculum Coordinator ext.5900 Michael J. Cannata, Director of Pupil Services
Marissa Orbanek, Board Secretary ext.5901
James W. Parker Middle School Edinboro Elementary
11781 Edinboro Road
Edinboro, PA 16412
273-1033 ext.2900 5390 Route 6N West
Edinboro, PA 16412
273-1033 ext.3900
Jason T. Buto, Principal Randy S. White, Principal
Justin Whitford, Assistant Principal
McKean Elementary School Support Services Center
5120 West Road
McKean, PA 16426
273-1033 ext.4900 11921 Edinboro Road
Edinboro, PA 16412
Michael G. Getz, Principal David J. Campbell,
Transportation/Cafeteria Supervisor
Nancy Ekstrom,
Transportation Coordinator
Christopher Prenatt
Custodial Services Coordinator
ext, 7900
Nicole Keller
Food Services Coordinator



Board of School Directors

Director Representing Phone
James H. Bucksbee, P.E. Region 1 476-7918
Peter J. Dobrzynski, Vice President
Region 1 476-1139
Shari Gould Region 2 734-4919
Andrew Shulz Region 2 881-2174
Timothy D. Wise, Ph.D. Region 3 734-1317
Brad Pattullo Region 3 853-9132
Carrie Crow, President At Large 734-2769
Amy Eisert  At Large 734-6785 
Linda King At Large 795-6165

The Board of School Directors of the General McLane School District consists of nine members, each elected for a four-year term of office. Board members serve without compensation and have the primary task of formulating and evaluating all policies necessary for the operation of the school district. The Board of School Directors meets monthly on the third Wednesday at the Dr. Therese T. Walter Education Center, Board Room. Each regular business meeting is advertised in the legal section of the local newspapers and meeting dates are posted on the doors of the Education Center.

Residents of the General McLane School District may bring matters of concern to the attention of the Board in two ways: through correspondence sent to the Secretary of the Board; or,
by personally addressing the Board during the time set aside at the regular business meeting for comments and questions from the community. Five minutes is available on the Agenda for those who call and ask to be recognized. The time for others is three minutes.

Board workshops which address special issues are also scheduled during the year. These sessions are generally held on the second Wednesday of the month and are also advertised.

Regional Designation

Region 1 — McKean Borough and McKean Township
Region 2 — Washington Township and Franklin Rownship
Region 3 — Edinboro Borough Election Districts 1 and 2
At Large — Encompasses all five areas

Notes: Parents/guardians have all these rights unless the student qualifies as an emancipated student and is not dependent on his/her parents for his/her subsistence. Students have only the right of access of Education Records. Questions concerning student records should be referred to the building principal. The policy of the School Board concerning student records may be examined at the Education Center in the Office of the Superintendent.


SAT Information

The General McLane School code number for SAT registration and financial aid forms is 391165.



Special Request

This calendar lists many special functions. More will be added as the year progresses.

You are encouraged to attend family events together. If an activity is for students only or if your child/children are attending without adult supervision, please be sure that they are delivered and picked up promptly. Also, please insist on proper behavior during the event.

There is no planned supervision of students who attend events or functions without parents or other adults. Problems (before, during or after an event) will be handled on a case-by-case basis and may result in loss of privilege of attending.



A child must be five (5) years old prior to June 1 of the term when he/she enters Kindergarten. If entering first grade, a child must be six (6) years of age prior to September 1 of the school term. Once parents elect to enter a child in school, the child is subject to the compulsory attendance laws of the state of Pennsylvania.

Students who are absent from school must bring a written excuse signed by their parent or guardian when returning to school. The note should indicate the dates of absence and the reason for absence. Absences are recognized as excused for one of the following reasons: illness, quarantine, death in the immediate family, weather so inclement as to endanger the health of the child, educational trips, or exceptionally urgent reasons that affect the welfare of the child directly and not for the convenience of the parent.


School Hours

Edinboro Elementary 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
McKean Elementary 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
James W. Parker Middle School 7:55 am – 2:45 pm
General McLane High School 8:00 am- 2:45 pm



District Snow Make-up Days

February 20
March 17
March 20
April 12

If more than four days are missed, they will be added in June.



Drug Free Schools Policy

The General McLane School Board supports a comprehensive prevention and intervention program to deal with the problems of substance abuse that face our students. Students receive information addressing the legal, social and health consequences of drugs and alcohol beginning in Kindergarten through Grade 12.

It is the Board’s position that the use of illicit drugs and the unlawful possession and use of alcohol is wrong and harmful and that the unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students on school premises or as part of any of its activities is prohibited. Compliance with these standards is mandatory.

The Board has adopted Policy 227 in Drug Abuse which includes disciplinary sanctions up to and including expulsion and referral for prosecution. For purposes of this policy, “drugs” mean:

  • all dangerous controlled substances and anabolic steroids, prohibited by law;
  • all “look alike” drugs;
  • all alcoholic beverages;
  • any drug paraphernalia;
  • any prescription medication (except those for which permission to use in school has been granted pursuant to Medical Procedure 227-R).

In addition, any over-the-counter medication (except those for which permission to use in school has been granted pursuant to Medication Procedure 227-R) may be considered a drug under this policy.

The Board prohibits the use, possession, or distribution of any drug:

  • during school hours,
  • on school property, and
  • at any school sponsored event.

The District Disciplinary Code regarding substance abuse has been developed with input from parents, teachers and administrators, adopted by the Board and is in compliance with local, state and federal law. The Disciplinary Code is distributed at the beginning of the school year to middle and high school students and includes and abbreviated version of Policy 227. A copy of the complete policy may be obtained by calling the Education Center.

Drug and alcohol counseling services are available for secondary students though Hamot Mental Health Center and GECAC during the school day. Aftercare programs for students who have been in treatment are also available. If you have any questions about these efforts, please contact your child’s guidance counselor or principal.



Student Support Program

The Student Support Program is a prevention, intervention and support program. It is designed to help students whose social, emotional or academic problems interfere with learning.

It is not the function of the Student Support Program to diagnose, counsel or determine treatment programs. The function is to identify students with problem behaviors and to refer those students and their parents to professional agencies.

An initial referral may be made by any school staff member, parent, or student. Referrals are based on observations of behaviors which indicate the student is experiencing problems. The Student Support Team will collect data from teachers and administrators who deal with the student and the student’s parents.

The Student Support Team and guidance counselors are available to help, and parents should feel free to call upon them. For more information, please contact the counselors listed.


Edinboro Elementary
273-1033 ext.3900

McKean Elementary
273-1033 ext.4900

James W. Parker Middle School
Mike Simmons, Counselor
Pam Swanseger, Counselor
273-1033 ext.2900

General McLane High School
Gary Astorino, Counselor
Brenda Hertel, Counselor
Betsy Weiss, Counselor
273-1033 ext. 1900



Special Education

The General McLane School District provides a complete range of services to meet the unique educational needs of students who qualify for Special Education programs. Programs and services available include:

Early Intervention

Learning Support

Emotional Support

Sensory Support

Physical Support

Gifted Support

Speech Language Support Autistic Support Life Skills Support

If parents or guardians feel their child might need special education services, they can refer the child by contacting the principal of the school which the child attends, or the School District administration office.

Children with disabilities who do not require special education services are protected by the Chapter 15 regulations of the school code. A parent who feels their child may be a “protected handicapped student” should contact the principal of the school their child attends for further information.

Information regarding identification, evaluation, and programming of children who may require special education services is strictly confidential. Information about confidentiality will be provided to parents or guardians at the time a referral is made.


School Bus Regulations

Bus routes are adjusted each school year to accommodate changes in the student population of the District. The School District cannot guarantee that students will have the same bus route, driver, pick-up time or drop-off time as in previous years.

Students should be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled arrival time and dressed appropriately in inclement weather. If the school bus does not arrive at the bus stop on time because of mechanical failure, road or weather conditions, the student is expected to wait a reasonable length of time and then return home.

Since bus drivers focus their attention upon the highway and the operation of the bus, the safety of all students cannot be jeopardized because of the behavior of a few. Parental support is critical in helping with safety consciousness and the District bus regulations. The School District permits the use of video cameras capable of recording audio and video on school buses to aid in student discipline.

The General McLane School District has adopted bus regulations that apply to any resident or non-resident, public or non-public school students, transported at any time by the District owned buses or vehicles, or by buses or vehicles under contract to the District. Regulations will be strictly enforced. Riding a school bus is not a right but a privilege, the continuation of which depends upon satisfactory behavior on the bus.


Educational Trips

Family outings can provide valuable educational experiences. It is recommended, however, that families plan such trips and excursions during the vacation periods of the school year. Parents who are considering plans that would take students from class should ask the school principal about the appropriate procedures to follow in requesting an excused absence. Request for Approval of Educational Trip forms must be completed and approved in advance.


Snow Day / Weather Alerts

The District decision to close school due to weather conditions is made after consulting with the District Transportation Supervisor, with the Township Supervisors, and with personnel in surrounding districts. Ordinarily, our goal is to make a decision in time to begin announcements over all local radio and TV stations at 6 a.m. In the event of a late start, time should be calculated by adding the announced delay to the regular time. For example, if the bus usually stops at 8:20 a.m. for an elementary school opening at 9:00 a.m., a two-hour delay would mean a bus pick-up at 10:20 a.m. for the 11:00 a.m. start.

In the case of severe weather, snow, ice, etc. the official announcement for closings or delays may be heard over the local radio and television stations, Those parents who signed up for the Power Announce System will receive a phone call. School closings will also be posted by the superintendent on the District Phone Line – 273.1033.

Schools may also be dismissed early, without notice, if a severe storm or emergency arises. If a parent will not be home when the child arrives, provisions should be made with neighbors to take care of the child upon his or her arrival at home. Because of the diversity of the District, decisions about closing (or not closing) are difficult. Parents are urged to use their own discretion about sending their children to school regardless of the District’s decision. Parents are asked to keep children home if certain buses cannot make the morning run since we have no assurance that the afternoon run will be possible.



Golden Age Cards Available

Residents of the District who are age 65 or over are invited to receive a Golden Age Card. This individual complimentary pass entitles holders to free admission to all home sporting events, concerts, plays, and other special events sponsored by the school district. The Broadway Dinner is excluded. To obtain a card, Senior Citizens will need to visit the Therese T. Walter Education Center (11771 Edinboro Rd, located at southeast corner of General McLane High School) with I.D. If you have any questions please call 814-273-1033 ext.5999


Student Insurance Information

The General McLane School District offers student accident insurance. A brochure and application form can be found here

The District no longer provides football and sports insurance for participants involved in the interscholastic sports programs, including band and cheerleading activities. It shall be the responsibility of the parents or guardians to provide proof of insurance coverage for students participation in all interscholastic activities and to provide a signed waiver for any liability or injury resulting from any cause whatsoever in connection with the activity. Students without insurance coverage shall not be permitted to participate in interscholastic activities.

These coverage’s are intended to provide only basic benefits assuming that most families maintain their own personal insurance.

Injuries should be reported immediately to teachers or principals. Claims should be filed on forms available in the school offices.


School District Liability

Periodically, a student may be accidentally injured while riding the bus, attending school, or while involved in a school-sponsored event. General McLane School District does not carry medical insurance for such claims and is not responsible for the bills incurred. Therefore, bills that are incurred should be provided to your own medical insurance carrier or otherwise paid by you.


Equal Opportunity Policy

General McLane School District is an equal opportunity educational institution and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or handicap in its activities, programs or employment practices as required by Title VI, Title IX and Section 504.

For information regarding civil rights or grievance procedures, contact William Fendya, Section 504 Coordinator, at the Education Center, 11771 Edinboro Road, Edinboro, PA 16412 (273-1033, ext.5900). For information regarding services, activities and facilities that are accessible to and useable by handicapped persons, contact William Fendya.



Athletic Game Times

Varsity Football 7:00 pm Girls’ Junior Varsity Basketball 6:00 pm
Junior Varsity Football 10:30 am Girls’ 8th Grade Basketball 4:00 pm
7th-8th Grade Football 4:30 pm Varsity Wrestling 7:30 pm
Girls’ Volleyball 6:00 pm Junior Varsity Wrestling 6:30 pm
Cross Country 4:00 pm 7th-8th Grade Wrestling 5:00 pm
Boys’ Soccer 4:00 pm Track 4:00 pm
Girls’ Soccer 4:00 pm Girls’ Softball 4:15 pm
Boys’ Varsity Basketball 7:30 pm
(or 15 minutes following JV Game)
Varsity Baseball 4:00 pm
Boys’ Junior Varsity Basketball 6:00 pm Junior Varsity Baseball follows varsity;
:00 am Saturdays
Boys’ 7th,8th & 9th Grade Basketball 4:00 pm Tennis 3:30 pm
Girls’ Varsity Basketball 7:30 pm
(or 15 minutes following JV Game)
Golf 4:00 pm
Swimming 6:00 pm

Since soccer times vary, they are denoted individually on the calendar page. All schedules are subject to change and/or cancellation. Daily sports updates may be learned by calling Sports line 452-2000. General McLane’s code is 6880.


Athletic Admisssion Fees

Basketball, Boys
Basketball, Girls


Athletic Director

Robert Kennerknecht
General McLane High School
273-1033, ext.1600



District Information

Space does not permit complete publication of all policies or procedures. Copies of complete documents are available from the appropriate school or the Education Center.

District Size: The region is composed of 114.8 square miles.
Student Population: There are approximately 2,100 students in the four buildings in our district.
Total Budget: $32,218,926.



Annual Budget / Annual Financial Report

Annual BudgetAnnual Financial Report
2016-2017 School Year2016-2017 School Year
2017-2018 School Year2017-2018 School Year
2018-2019 Final Budget2018-2019 School Year