We’re now accepting applications for the H.G. Gillespie Foundation 2020 Alumni Scholarship!

The scholarship is open to third-year college students that are GM alumni.

Show me the $$$!

The Foundation thrives to help students achieve success during and after their years at General McLane by providing funds to help assist students financially.

There are three types of scholarships available through the Foundation: Foundation Scholarships, Partner Scholarships and Outside Organizations Scholarships.

Foundation Scholarships are ones that are issued and funded completely through the Foundation. “Our Partners” are scholarships that are funded through a Partner Committee, but is issued through the Foundation. “Outside Organizations” scholarships are ones that are neither funded nor issued through the Foundation.

There are different requirements and selection processes for all scholarships. Scholarships can require applications and can be selected by either a committee or HS administration.

Contact the General McLane High School Guidance Department for scholarships that are available outside of General McLane.

Feel free to jump around the pages to see what scholarship best fits you or your child.