General McLane School District

General McLane School Board of Directors welcomes and encourages citizen participation and input during public meetings.

Board Policy 903 states “The Board requires that those requesting the opportunity to speak at a public meeting be residents or taxpayers of this district.”

Addressing the GMSD School Board

There are two designated spots on the agenda for speakers: one that is toward the beginning of the meeting that is for all matters related to the agenda and the other toward the end of the meeting that is for all school-related matters. If the speakers’ topic relates to the agenda, they will be given five (5) minutes to speak. If the speakers are addressing a school-related matter, they will be given three (3) minutes to speak.

If speakers are not on the agenda to speak to the school board, they should sign the visitor’s log the night of the meeting. The Board President will direct speakers to approach the microphone/seating area. They will be given three minutes to speak, regardless of topic.

If speakers have a question or concern that cannot be addressed publicly during the course of the meeting, they will be asked to provide contact information to an administrator so that the School District may follow up with them.

How to Speak During a Public Meeting

GMSD now uses a form (below) for all taxpayers or residents to sign up online to address the board in advance of meetings. To be placed on the agenda, speakers must complete and submit this form at least three (3) days before the meeting. If a speaker uses this form, s/he will not be required to state his/her address publicly during the meeting.

If speakers are not on the agenda, then they must sign the visitor’s log on the night of the meeting. It may not be possible to
hear all persons who are not on the agenda.